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Evaluate New

Are you aware if any of your customers are facing major business financial problems? Are any of your business partners showing
signs of heading towards bankruptcy?

Make safer decisions about who you work with

Do you know who your customers really are? Are you sure you’re doing business with people who are trustworthy? This is why the need to evaluate your customers, clients and business partners is crucial. You need to know who your customers are to avoid risk such as late payment or worse – no payment. You can make more informed decisions and prevent financial losses, damage to your business reputation, legal issues and more by taking early steps to ensure you’re dealing with the right people when it comes to your business.

Evaluate your customers with CTOS Credit Manager

What’s the best way to find out more about potential customers? We bring you CTOS Credit Manager, the credit management solution that’s trusted by leading banks and businesses in Malaysia. Benefits:
  • Search, store, monitor and manage all customer information via one dynamic platform
  • Get all customer insight in one convenient report for fast, easy analysis
  • Make better decisions, manage risk and improve cash flow

Reports available

  • CTOS Score Report
  • CTOS Report
  • CTOS LitE Report
  • CCM / SSM Report
  • Idaman Report
  • NRD / JPN Report
  • MDI Report
  • International Business Report
  • Singapore Report
  • Land Title Report
  • E-Court
  • CTOS KYC Screening
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