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 How it works:

Step 1: Certain checks are conducted by the system to determine the authenticity of the document. For instance, MyKad (NRIC) documents will be scanned for the MSC logo, security chip, ghost image, hibiscus image, Malaysian flag and more.

How document ID verification works

Step 2: A facial image is scanned and captured from an official identification document, such as MyKad (NRIC). The type of document is determined by the system, and the image of the applicant is extracted from the document, along with the name, IC number, address and other details.

Step 3: A new picture is taken of the ‘live’ person and matched against the one taken from the government-issued identification document. This is done to ensure that an actual person is undergoing the verification process. A total of 106 facial markers (or landmarks) are used to ensure that the captured image of the person matches the picture in the official document.

How document ID verification works

Step 4: There’s also an option for live motion, which will require the applicant to blink, smile, nod their head and more to determine that there is a real person present at the time of verification.

How document ID verification works

 CTOS Digital Identity Verification Solutions

Document & ID Holder Verification

A government-issued identification document is scanned and verified, then a facial image is extracted from the document and matched against a new, real-life captured image of the applicant.

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Bureau-file Verification

Information extracted from an official identification document is checked against existing CTOS data for mismatches

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Knowledge-Based Authentication

Applicants are given a series of dynamic questions, based on actual credit file information and active CCRIS facilities

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